We offer a completely customized invitation. You choose the paper and ink colors, size and shape, as well as the layout.  We walk you through the process and make lots of recommendations, so that together we create a unique invitation that is prefect for YOU.

First we set up an appointment for you to come to our showroom and see samples of invitations, logos, and designs that we have created in the past.  Prior to your arrival, we ask you to fill out an online form, so that we can begin preparing for your appointment before you even arrive.  Together we look through invitation samples, and discuss that various options.

While you are at the first appointment, we are prepared to give you a price quote for your invitation.  Once a deposit is paid, which can be done right at the first appointment, or at a follow-up appointment, we can begin designing your unique invitation.

A virtual proof of the invitation is provided to you via email, and you have the opportunity to make any changes that you want.  We will provide you with updated proofs, until you are certain that the invitation is exactly how you want it.

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